Casual And Disturbing: When Horror Finds Its Way Into Slot Machines

Alaxe in Zombieland

Horror games – especially indie ones – have become quite popular in the last couple of years. Titles like “Five Nights at Freddie’s”, “Amnesia”, and “Slender Man” have made waves among gamers, prompting the appearance of even more horror-themed titles on all levels, from the most casual ones to complex storylines and immersive worlds. Today, let us take a look at the lower end of the spectrum, to see what scares – if any – the most casual online games – slot machines – are capable of delivering.

A Twisted Tale

One of the most disturbing games released since you can play free slot machines without making a real money deposit online is an unusual twist on Lewis Carroll’s immortal tale, Alice in Wonderland. The game, called “Alaxe in Zombieland”, takes the world on the other end of the rabbit hole and transforms it into a scary land overrun by the living dead. All the characters you expect to meet are there, yet they are changed by what appears to be a mystical infection: the Mad Hatter eats brains with a spoon, the White Rabbit is consumed by infection, and the Cheshire Cat… well, he is still scary. Alaxe, a blonde girl with blue eyes and a flamingo-powered scythe, is chopping zombie heads off across the realm.

“Alaxe in Zombieland” Was built by Genesis Gaming and available for free play at the Red Flush Casino.

When Zombies Take Vegas

Over the years, zombies have taken over all kinds of settlements, from villages to metropolises. Last October, the time has come for them to take over Sin City – in the Red Flush slot machine called “Lost Vegas”. The game allows players to choose sides – they can either join a rag-tag team of survivors seeking for a way out of the zombie-ridden entertainment capital of North America or side with the zombies driven by their insatiable hunger for human flesh (or brains). The game comes with surprises like sudden power outages or undead hands throwing money on the player.

It’s an atmospheric game with great graphics, fit for all zombie fans’ casual gaming needs.

The Twisted Circus

Few things have served horror stories as well as the usual inhabitants of a traveling fair or a circus. Artists, performers, fortune tellers, and freaks – these are all people who live in their own world, by their own rules, and are often used as protagonists – or antagonists – in horror stories of all kinds. The Twisted Circus slot machine, a less-played but very disturbing mobile game in the Red Flush library, comes with all the obligatory characters from the terrifying and fascinating world of circuses. It has the strong man, the contortionist, the conjoined twins, the bearded lady, the firebreather, and the magician, all this with a dissonantly cheerful background music. Creepy.

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