Limited Edition INKED Skull Watch

INKED Skull Watch

INKED Skull Watch

We know it’s not an Omega Speedmaster, Rolex Submariner, or Patek Philippe, and it never could be with a $29.95 sale price. It does, however, have its own purpose and its own edgy style. This watch says, “fuck you, I have my own priorities, and they don’t involve spending a small fortune on some falsely conceived sense of elitism.”

To say that the Limited Edition INKED Skull Watch is affordable would be an understatement. At the sale price, they’re practically giving it away. And with just a few days left before Christmas, you might be able to receive it just in time to make it into someone’s stocking, if not your own.

The skull on the face is awesome looking, as is the circle in a square look. The only complaints I can see are that the genuine leather band is too narrow and that “INKED” appears on the face. What are you gonna do though?

Hop on over to and place your order before Christmas is over.

Rock Hard \m/

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