Akumu Ink – Taking Inspiration From Japanese Nightmares

Akumu Ink Logo

Akumu Ink Logo

The Holidays are just about finished and if you got some extra spending money stuffed into your stocking, or you’re still in the spending spirit, yot-shu might want to check out some of the threads on offer at Akumu Ink.

Akumu Ink (men’s)

From the basement to your back, Akumu Ink borrowed its name from the Japanese word for nightmare, or Akumu. So, obviously the company and artist, Joey, draw inspiration primarily from Japanese horror, with a bit of Alice in Wonderland and the like thrown in for good measure.

Akumu Ink (women’s)

Akumu Ink’s product line basically ranges from T-shirts to hoodies, with some amazing prints for sale as well. Head on over to AkumuInk.com to shop and order. Most T-shirts are priced around $25 and hoodies around $55.

Akumu Ink art

Rock Hard \m/

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