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It’s summer festival season, and that means it’s time for metal. However, it also means that you don’t have to look like an ogre just walking out of an epic battle in the mud. Whether you’re a hot and sexy metal/alternative-lifestyle chick or a dude who needs to pay some attention to that hottie you call a girlfriend, Vade Shop has some sultry apparel to help you in your quest.

Black Skull & Crossbone shoes

black skull and crossbonesWomen have often said that the shoes a man wears indicate the type of man he is. Well, ladies, the same can be said of you. We don’t think you need a closet full of them, but what you do have should be awesome, like these Black Skull & Crossbone shoes from Pleaser. These 7” slide shoes feature a clear vamp and black skull and crossbones in the black cut-out platform bottom.

Available for $59.95

Spider Web Corset

Spider Web CorsetCorsets are sexy, and seeing them worn as outerwear at a metal fest is not uncommon. Also, the have the additional advantage of being shoulderless and sleeveless, which is great for the summer heat (though I can’t say how cool the tight fit around your midsection is). At any rate, this gray corset features web lace detail and includes a G-string. We’re sure the ladies can find something to wear on the bottom to complement this piece.

Available for $69.95

Pinstripe Corset and Skirt

pinstripe corset and skirtIn the event that you can’t find bottoms to complement the Spider Web Corset, here’s an ensemble that could solve your dilemma since it comes with a pinstripe skirt – and it’s cheaper. This strapless corset features padded cups with faux lace-up front, side closure, lace-up back, and a matching thong.

Available for $59.95

Corset Style Dress

corset style dressIf you want something a little more subtle, and don’t want to contribute to the sea of black, then you might want to opt for this colorful Corset Style Dress. It kind of reminds me of something In This Moment’s Maria Brink might wear. It does have that pixie look that goes along with the dragons and knights in power metal.

Available for $69.95

Spike Leggings

spiked leggingsFinally, we have some spiked leggings. Leggings are hot, and you might be more punk/metal if you spiked them yourself, but if you’re short on time and/or don’t have the artistic resources, buying them is a great option.

Available for $29.95

About Vade Shop

This store is dedicated to the more alternative styles and culture. Like skulls, leather, latex, whips and chains, zombies, fishnets, zombies in leather, and fishnets dragging chains and so on? You’re at the right place! Vade sells a little bit of everything to fit almost any style.

Rock Hard \m/

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