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duel in the sun
duel in the sun

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We’re as guilty as anyone else for neglecting clothing for men. There’s a good reason for that: Most vendors only offer a limited selection, and it almost seems like it’s offered just so it can be said that it’s offered. This is not the case with the Black Market Art Company, which specializes in tattoo art clothing. They also have a wide selection of tattoo art prints.

Black Market Art started in 2005 and states that all of its designs are handmade originals created specifically for the company by today’s top tattoo artists. All designs are signed by the artist and printed on the clothing, with the addition of a hang tag with the artist’s name and contact info. Black Market Art furthers its claim to authenticity by stating that you will not find any clip art taken from non-copyright books or graphic designers’ interpretations of tattoo art.

Hopefully what I’m presenting here doesn’t look hipster (I hate hipsters), but the selections here are just a few of the clothing items for men that I like from Black Market Art.

Men’s Mighty Eagle Work Shirt

mighty eagleI love the work shirt, which I often call the “gas station attendant shirt.” I’ve been meaning to get one from Harley Davidson for years, but somehow it’s never the right time.

mighty eagle frontThis one features a shoulder-to-shoulder eagle on the back holding a “Black Market” banner, while a smaller version appears on the front breast instead of the customary name tag.

Artists: Adi
Price: $49.95
Order: Mighty Eagle Work Shirt

Men’s Eve Long Sleeve Button Up

eve long sleeve frontYou just can’t go wrong with plaid or a long-sleeve button up. This one serves up a healthy portion of respectable badassery that’s way more Kane Hodder than Kurt Cobain.

eve long sleeve backAnd how can you not love that detail of the portrait on the back with the two snakes forming a border? You just can’t not love it. If Eve really looked like that, Adam would never have been tempted.

Artist: Jarad Bryant
Price: $56.95
Order: Eve Long Sleeve Button Up

Men’s Tears Tee

tears teeI usually go for simple and subtle designs on my t-shirts, but this shirt, despite the size and detail of the image, is amazing. I love the contrast of black, red, and white. I love the skyline reflected in the sunglasses. I love the skull. There’s a total rockabilly vibe on this one.

Artist: Tyler Bredeweg
Price: $24.95
Order: Tears Tee

Men’s Duel in the Sun Denim Jacket

duel in the sun backThis is probably the most hipster item here for the simple fact that it’s a denim jacket. I guess it’d be “ironic” to wear one today because either they haven’t been popular since the ‘80s or because it’s hot as hell outside.

duel in the sun frontAs any metaller knows, denim has always been cool, so fuck those hipster kids. I love the throwback Japanese sun contrasted with the American symbolism.

This jacket is a limited-edition item, with only 150 being made.

Artist: Rick Walters
Price: $64.95
Order: Duel in the Sun Denim Jacket

Rock Hard \m/

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