31 Days of Scares – Day 24 – Top 10: Worst Halloween Costume Ideas

We’re just about ready to celebrate our favorite holiday (Halloween, of course) and we wanted to anticipate the day with a feature that should leave your sides splitting from laughter. While it’s true that there have been plenty of amazing homemade costumes crafted and showcased online, we decided to go in a different direction today. Today we’re going to head down a road less traveled and highlight those terrible costumes you have seen over the years on the streets, at your local bar, or at a house party?

Too often, the folks who end up wearing the worst Halloween costumes are victims of procrastination and attempt to throw something together at the last minute to meet the social requirement of wearing a costume on Halloween. Like that guy who just dresses up like a “nerdy newspaper reporter” to pretend he’s Clark Kent (aka, Superman). And how about the plethora of “sexy” costumes for women (and men, too, haha) that ruin everything from the Cookie Monster to Spongebob Squarepants?

But as bad as those costume ideas are—and please believe us, they are terrible—they’re nothing compared to the ones we found while scouring the web with our find-the-worst-costumes-ever net. The idea to find several of these actually came while I decided to play casino games at betfair.com. During my typical online-gambling session, which I’m hoping will help cover my own Halloween party if I’m lucky enough, I ran across a few Marvel Comics-themed games like the Incredible Hulk and X-Men. I then remembered, “Wait, wasn’t there an absolutely awful Wolverine costume I saw the other day?” Yes. Now let’s get to it with that especially bad costume leading the way:

No.10 Wolverine

Two things here, guy. One: That tape is going to absolutely kill the back of your hands when you decide to finally pull it off. Two: Why didn’t you use six knives?! Wolverine‘s claws were the same ON BOTH HANDS.

Bad Wolverine Costume

No.9 Whatever This Guy Is

Is he supposed to be a robot? A murderer in a slasher movie? A terrible Michael Myers costume? What is even happening here, sir?

Bad Halloween Costumes

No.8 Zangief

Street Fighter favorite, Zangief, might look slightly, um, overweight with a quick glance because he’s a wrestler and in his skivvies, but c’mon. This one’s really just kind of sad, because the poor guy got his picture taken while hunching over and enjoying a Popsicle.

Bad Zangief Halloween Costume

No.7 Iron Man

So, you apparently have plenty of party streamers, packing tape, and red tissue paper, so it hits you: “I should be Iron Man!” No, you shouldn’t. Also, this was clearly at a comic convention, like Zangief above, but still, you know this guy probably wore this one out.

Bad Iron Man Halloween Costume

No.6 Chewbacca

You have enough money to buy the Chewbacca mask but the rest of the costume is too expensive, so what do you do? You find those huge pants your dad wore to the gym in the ’80s, take your shirt off, and you’re golden! Not really.

Bad Chewbacca Halloween Costume

No.5 R2D2

Did this guy just cram himself into a model someone made of R2, because parts of this aren’t that terrible. It’s just that he looks incredibly uncomfortable and has, like, no clothes on.

Bad r2d2 Halloween Costume

No.4 C3PO (and Friends!)

Here we have not one, not two, but three (!) more terrible Star Wars costumes, with a brand-new one to boot! The R2 and Chewy ones are laughable enough, but was the guy in the C3PO get-up even trying? Did he just re-use his Jiffy Pop bag?

Bad Star Wars Halloween Costumes

No.3 Storm Trooper

We know, another Star Wars-related costume. But when it’s this good/bad, we simply can’t pass it up. The thing is, it looks like they obviously spent a lot of time working on the helmets, but why not just spend that time finding someone who can do it right? Sorry, guys.

Bad Stormtrooper Halloween Costume

No.2 Human Centipede

No, no, no, no, just, NO! WHO TOLD YOU THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA? Not only is the film disgusting, but this costume is gross too. And let’s be clear: Not a soul on this planet would look good/reasonable doing something like this. Avoid this at all costs, readers.

Bad Human Centipede Costume

No.1 Freddy Krueger

To be fair, this was probably just snapped while the guy was at work. It’s likely that someone in his office saw the sweater, mentioned Freddy Krueger, and thought this would be funny. It is, but let’s hope it never makes its way to a proper costume level. PLEASE.

Bad Freddy Krueger Costume

If we missed any terrible costumes that you have seen floating around the ‘net, please let us know in the comments. Thanks!

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