31 Days Of Scares – Day 29 – Heavy Metal Halloween, With A Touch Of Punk

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With Halloween around the corner, I believe it’s time to bring you some of the creepiest and best Heavy Metal, Horror-billy, and punk songs for the occasion. After all, there’s nothing better than a Heavy Metal Halloween. Am I wrong? These songs contained in this tomb will send shivers and chills up your spine with their insane guitar solos and creepy lyrics. More than anything, however, a good Heavy Metal Halloween playlist should have you constantly turning to your buddy, yelling, “Hell Yeah!”

For your benefit, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite Heavy Metal Halloween songs. Make this Halloween a memorable one.

And because your extra cool for reading Yell! Magazine, here’s an easy playlist already put together for you to stream.

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No.13 The Ramones “Pet Sematary”

This song was featured in and titled after Stephen King’s film Pet Sematary. Stephen King is a genius when it comes to horror films, and for a classic punk band to have a title of the same name is a necessary song for this countdown. Plus it’s light, poppy, and a lot of fun. The track also appeared on the 1989 album, Brain Drain, and by this point The Ramones had drifted far from what originally made them great.

No.12 Diamond Head “Am I Evil?”

This song is an instant classic. Most people recognize this song because Metallica covered it, but credit is owed to Diamond Head — the NWOBHM band that was a major influence on Metallica. This song is about a witch who is being burned alive. The creepy thing is that the song lyrics are from the point of view of her son, who despises his mother. Definitely something you shouldn’t sing in front of your mom.

No.11 King Diamond “At the Graves”

King Diamond is known for his wide vocal range, especially his falsetto. This song’s intro starts with a merry-go-round melody that leads into a creepier version of the song. Lyrically, King Diamond is pretty much welcoming spirits to rise from their graves, and there’s a hapless victim feeling the spirits’ icy fingers all over them. This is a Heavy Metal Halloween song to enjoy anytime of the year. It’s King Diamond for fuck’s sake.

No.10 Lamb of God “Laid to Rest”

The song is meant to be a first-person narrative of a murder victim, haunting his killer from beyond the grave. Then again, the lyrics may also have a connection to the Iraq War, like most of the songs from Ashes of the Wake.

No.9 Nekromantix “Haunted Cathouse”

Formed in Denmark in ’89, Nekromantix’ music is focused on monster and horror themes. Kind of an interesting scenario in this song: Bloody Mary and King Kong are making out, drunk Klingons are flying their UFO, and ghostly people are driving the Batmobile. I could actually picture this in an actual haunted house.

No.8 Judas Priest “A Touch of Evil”

The song’s lyrics deal with demonic possession, black magic, and temptations to commit acts of evil. However, according to Halford himself, the lyrics deal with a love-related theme, although metaphorically.

No.7 King Diamond “Abigail”

I felt the need that this countdown needed a second Kind Diamond song. This song is actually featured in the first of two consecutive albums, Abigail and Abigail II: The Revenge. The story of the two albums is about a stillborn that haunts the unborn baby of a family living in a haunted mansion. Both albums, from start to finish, tell a complete story, which is something I find quite interesting coming from a musician.

No.6 Spookshow “I Can Kill You in a Heartbeat My Dear”

“I can kill you in a heartbeat my dear. I can chop you up in pieces I swear. I can torture you for 35 years. I can make your life a living… Hell.” Need I explain this song?

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