31 Days of Scares – Day 30 – Top 5 Halloween Pranks

Pranks are a big part of Halloween each year; we can’t avoid watching them, and some unlucky bastards are caught looking like a fool in them. Fortunately, most of us, including myself have the pleasure of going through an entire lifetime without ever getting pranked. That’s how lucky some of us are, and I’m crossing my fingers that none of these top 5 pranks happen to me.

But no matter how much I don’t want a prank pulled on me, every year there are a few good ones I enjoy watching, and some stupid ones that could get you killed, like the Michael Myers Gunman prank that I listed below. We really don’t recommend anyone trying that one out this Halloween, unless you want a broken nose or you want to end up in an early grave on October 31st. That’s how bad some of theses pranks are, including the one that was even talked about on the news.

Keep it safe this year, and try to not give anyone a heart attack either. Instead, stay in and just enjoy these top 5 Halloween pranks.

No.5 Michael Myers Gunman Prank

No.4 Screaming Flying Ghost Prank

No.3 Friday The 13th Prank In Da Hood

No.2 Decoration Prank In Oklahoma Neighborhood

No.1 Vampire In The City

31 Days of Scares

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