Screw Valentine’s Day: Yell’s Mini Gift Guide

Bad Motherfucker Chain Wallet

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means you should be looking into getting something for that special someone very soon if you plan on ordering online. We have a few suggestions for you today that are relatively inexpensive and veer slightly aside of conventional gift ideas.

While we would normally encourage you to bludgeon your ex with a baseball bat on February 14th, there are times when one of the softer, gentler personalities within us forces his way to the front — this is one of those times.

Or, you could just say “screw Valentine’s Day” and get one or more of these items for yourself, depending on your persuasion.

Rose Heart Lace Back Tee by Lucky 13

Price: $45.95 at

rose heart tee

This 100% cotton baby jersey t-shirt is available in black, featuring predominantly on the front a rib cage made of chains and a red rose heart. The cut of the shirt is an hourglass and the back is cut out with satin ribbon to lace it up. It’s not the most romantic of things to buy for her, but, hey, there’s only so much we can let the sweet personality within us get away with before our barbaric personality will have to kick the shit out of him.

Skeletal Hand Heart Necklace by Blue Bayer Design

Price: $44.95 at

Skeletal Hand Heart Necklace

Why give her a generic heart-shaped pendant when you can give her something that’s unique and with a bit of edginess to it? Beside, each and every single one of her 93 lovers before you gave her some variation of the traditional heart pendant. This one measures 2 inches across the top and the hands making the heart are 1/2 inch tall. The piece is not skimpy at 3 mm thick. It comes on a generous 18 inch open link silver plated chain with a lobster claps.

Bed Of Blood Roses Pendant by Alchemy of England

Price: $105.95 at

Bed Of Blood Roses Pendant

Oh, God, now I can’t get that horrible Bon Jovi song out of my head. Make it stop! Make it stop, now! Anyway, any chick cool enough to wear this necklace is going to love it. It’s intricate, delicate, gothic, and more. the black roses flourish in the heart’s blood and Swarovski crystals sparkle from beneath the blood red enamel.

Men’s Bad Motherfucker Chain Wallet by Badcock Apparel

Price: $69 at

Bad Motherfucker Chain Wallet

This is what we want to receive, because it true, we are bad motherfuckers and we ride Harley Davidsons. This chain wallet is constructed of 100% genuine leather, made to look distressed and hand-crafted in the U.S. Each piece is produced individually by hand causing aesthetic differences that are visible when comparing one piece to another; what we like to call character.

7 Deadly Sins (7 Pack) by Badcock Apparel

Price: $199.50 at

7 deadly sins

Men like things simple. We like simple designs. We like simple clothes. And we like simple choices. So, with a seven pack of t-shirts, each on featuring one of the seven deadly sins, you’ll have hit every one of our simple rules. The shirts are constructed of 100% jersey cotton, and distressed for the vintage look and your comfort. Made in the U.S.

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