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purebred apparel
Purebred Apparel - Candy Skull TeePurebred Apparel - TextPurebred Apparel - The KingPurebred Apparel - All Seeing Eye HoodiePurebred Apparel - Pray for us Sinners (fitted ladies)Purebred Apparel - Luchadore TeePurebred Apparel - The Owl/Soviet MurdererPurebred Apparel - Praying Hands

We love bringing you new alt-clothing options. That’s why we’re happy to present to you Purebred Apparel, a self-started brand coming out of Ireland and started in 2013.

Founder, artists, creator, apparel entrepreneur, Kieran Hill designs all the artwork himself and finds his inspiration in the heavy metal and hardcore cultures. Clearly there’s a touch of tattoo and horror inspiration mixed in as well. His description of the brand on the official Facebook page is something that we can wholeheartedly get behind:

Custom designed garments to celebrate alternative and extreme cultures and the visionaries who keep them alive.

Prices range between £10 and £29.99, and the typical sizes can be expected. Place your order at: www.purebredapparel.com

Expect to see caps, shirts, garments, and custom merch in the near future.

Also, give them a like on Facebook. While you’re at it, give us a like on Facebook as well.

Rock Hard \m/

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