Fractal Cypher To Play Album Launch Show In January



Having released their four-song mini-album (isn’t that like an EP?) Prelude to an Impending Outcome, produced by Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy, The Agonist, Beyond Creation) on November 8th, Montreal prog quartet, Fractal Cypher have already released the video for “From the Above and Beyond the Stars.” Now they’re sharing their new single, “The Grandeur of it All,” which you can hear here.

Although Fractal Cypher released Prelude to an Impending Outcome on November 8th, the band will be performing the official launch show on January 11th, in their hometown of Montreal.

If you like old-school prog metal, such as Dream Theater, then you should surely find some appreciation for Fractal Cypher.

Guitarist Vincent Bruneau commented:

‘The Grandeur of it All’ is definitely more energetic and straight forward, with back beats on drums, rock n roll riffs on guitars and catchy vocal lines in choruses and verses. There’s a ‘bluesy’ vibe in the song that is quite obvious all the way through, but we keep it progressive in terms of the song structure, dynamics and tempo changes. ‘Let’s have fun!’ is the mood of this song.

The band added:

‘Prelude to an Impending Outcome’ is a mini-album of four songs that are completely different from one to another to create a maximum roller coaster effect and make it non-linear and interesting to listen to. The clash of style is more important and more obvious than our previous album, but the songs have gained in maturity in term of songwriting and sound. The vibe of this mini-album is really more intimate, due to the lyrics and the overall ambiance/universe of the songs. The melodic side of the band is still really present, offering catchy vocal lines and outstanding solos all over the songs.

Order Prelude to an Impending Outcome from the band’s Bandcamp page.


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