Thrashers Hellnite Possess You With “Phantom Force”; Debut Album Out February


Canadian thrash metal outfit, Hellnite, released their second single, “Phantom Force,” from their forthcoming debut full-length, Midnight Terrors. The album will be released on February 12, 2019, through Sliptrick Records. Have a listen to the track on Spotify.

Vocalist/guitarist Paolo Belmar explained the meaning behind “Phantom Force”:

‘Phantom Force’ is basically about the fear of being possessed by that dark spirit. It represents that fight between you, your body, and the spirit trying to possess it, the outro of the song is trying to achieve a progressive sound to complement that sentiment.

Formed originally in Mexico City in 2010, and now re-established in Edmonton, Canada, by founding member, vocalist, and guitarist Paolo Belmar, Hellnite’s debut album was written and recorded by Belmar who is now joined with a live line-up consisting of bassist Konnor Miskiman and drummer Ryan Payne.

The full-length is lyrically a paranormal and sci-fi-themed concept album with influences from classic heroes such as Kreator, Slayer, Death, along with next-generation thrash and heavy metal influences such as Havok and Skull Fist.

Belmar added:

It’s basically an open door to the next stage of this project that I began in Mexico. I have been working on ‘Midnight Terrors’ since 2014 and I think it will be well-received from people who are into oldies and classic metal. I want to provoke curiosity with this album; my purpose is to catch people’s attention so they can follow the next movements of the band, which are going to be a little bit twisted in comparison with ‘Midnight Terrors’ and can’t wait to share the next release after this one.

Hellnite’s first single and album title track can be heard in the player on this page.

Hellnite Midnight Terrors Track Listing:

1. Projection (1:08)
2. Phantom Force (5:50)
3. Spirits Prevail (4:22)
4. Beasts From The Deep (4:56)
5. Thrash of The Living Dead (4:16)
6. Darker Than Black (5:59)
7. Stage On Fire (5:18)
8. The Necromancer (5:52)
9. Midnight Terror (4:11)

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