Understanding MMA – Ultimate Strategy Guide

Boxing is a combat sport that entails two people punching each other in a confined boxing ring. Although it is viewed as a brutal, barbaric sport by many, this sport has been there for ages and loved by many. Fist fighting as a form of entertainment dates back to 688 BC Ancient Greece, where boxing was an Olympic game. 

During the Roman gladiator period, boxing was so brutal that it got banned in various parts of the world. This is because the participants would fight each other to the death. However, throughout the 17th to the 19th centuries, the sport grew and was now motivated by money, as the fighters would strive to win the various prizes.  

More rules were added to the game, controlled by a referee, and sports betting became even more popular. Ringside spectator seats became highly-priced with many people trying to get a glimpse of the action as it unfolds while people flocked pubs, restaurants, or at home to watch the matches on pay-per-view formats. 

The rise in popularity of the MMA and UFC has come at the expense of boxing. These two forms of boxing have risen, becoming the most-watched matches in the world, with more investors and global supporters. 

The mixed martial arts sport has grown in popularity over the years, and the numbers are clearly shown in the statistics. For instance, the numbers have exponentially grown from only 86k pay-per-view (PPV) people in UFC 1 in 1993 to 2.4 m PPV in UFC 229. 

With this popularity comes a great opportunity for the spectators and fans to get rewarded betting. These days, technology has made everything easier, meaning that you don’t necessarily have to watch the match on television or even physically for you to bet on it. There are various sites where you can place your stakes, including the joker123 website, to bet on these games and get good rewards. 

To help you get started, here is a complete guide to help you to understand the game better, and how you can improve your chances of winning when betting on it. 

Rules of the cage 

Unlike traditional boxing, MMA is a well-rounded combat sport and combines punches, kicks, knees, elbows, and grappling. In essence, two fighters get in the bout, and only one of them comes out victorious unless there is a draw.  

At the cage side, there are three judges who judge the players based on a 10-point scoring system, with the one garnering 10 points emerging the winner. If the match ends in a (10-9) round, it means the one that lost did so by a close margin.  

A (10-8) round implies that the winning contestant overwhelmed the other with a mix of strikes. Sometimes, on rare occasions, a match would end in a (10-10) score, which means a draw. 

There are many things that judges consider before offering judgment. They have to consider factors such as effective striking, aggressiveness, defense, grappling, and dominance. Striking is more technical as there are only a certain number of permitted strikes. The judges will also consider the number of illegal strikes landed, based on the referee’s opinion. 

Knowing your player 

Knowing your fighter is the best tip anyone can ever take full advantage of if they want to succeed in MMA betting. Most players come from a specific area that they mostly excel at. For instance, a player like Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson has a kickboxing and karate background. He is more likely to dominate his opponents by decision or TKO.  

Another fan-favorite is Demian Maia, who comes from a Brazilian JiuJitsu background. Knowing what your players are capable of gives you an upper hand in deciding on how to bet on them. 

The secret is to find consistent players who have a continued winning streak, while also determining how they win. Moreover, these players should have had enough time to heal before their next big fight.  

Every little bit of knowledge is important, and you can also keep up to date by following up in Slot Joker123 on the upcoming MMA events, listening to related podcasts, all to get comfortable with the MMA scene.  

Be sure to keep a lookout for some of the websites with regularly updated MMA fixtures and stakes. While trying to make money betting on MMA, you can also visit sites and win extra money while at it. 

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