Aura Noir – Aura Noire (2018) Album Review



Artist Aura Noir Album Aura Noire
Release Date: 27 April 2018
Label Indie Recordings Genre Thrash Metal

Aura Noir will release their sixth studio album, the almost self-titled Aura Noire, on April 27th, on Indie Recordings.

The Norwegian thrashers come out of the gates fighting on the opening track, “Dark Lung of the Storm.” The first minute of the song is essentially an intro to the album, opening with a quick and steady drum tempo and a couple really cool guitar melodies. Of course, this melody changes once Aggressor jumps in on vocals with his classic thrash delivery. And naturally, the tempo doubles and new riffs are brought in to play. But somehow, this track doesn’t satisfy the thrash metal cravings, which get full attention on the following track.

“Grave Dweller” charges forward with a galloping intro on all instruments before hitting the classic thrash metal riffage we all know and love. There’s a power here, which is what we all love about proper thrash. Apollyon is gorgeous on the drums throughout this track with some interesting rhythms until finally going balls out for the finale.


Having never heard Aura Noir before, after the second track, I was ready for more. And “Hell’s Lost Chambers” didn’t disappoint. Continuing with the chugging guitars, albeit slower, the track kicks off in the right vein and with a steady but heavy delivery on drums. Aggressor’s vocals here take on a more fundamental Norwegian black metal tone, and he sounds absolutely beastly. There’s also a phenomenally dark bridge toward the end of the song, with amazing tone on the guitar, that’s reminiscent of all that satanic crap that heavy metal was associated with in the ‘80s. As we go back into the verse Aggressor’s bassmanship shines through with a heavy rhythm.

Now that the album has established its thrash metal credentials, “The Obscuration” brings the speed metal with a blistering guitar riff and frantic mania throughout the rest of the song. Indeed, this sounds like Slayer circa No Mercy.


The album continues to deliver until the very “Outro,” even giving us extended guitar solos on “Mordant Wind” and “Cold Bone Grasp.” As with most old-school thrash, there’s an element of punk rock to be heard on Aura Noire, and it’s not just in the DIY quality. It’s in the straightforward nature of the music and in the more-often-than-not general sound of the album.

The Verdict:

If you like that recorded-in-the-garage, but not shitty fidelity of early old-school thrash metal from the likes of Megadeth, Metallica, Exodus, Death Angel, Exciter, Kreator, and other legends, then this is an album for you. Whether it’s new or conjures a sense of nostalgia for you, this album has balls. If the idea of being a disgruntled teenager blasting head-splitting metal from his/her parents’ basement makes you feel warm and fuzzy all over, pick up your copy of Aura Noire now.

Rock Hard \m/

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